• Greetings Parents,

    This coming year we will be continuing to use Canvas for grades, assignments, and class information.  Most recently, Canvas has developed a parent app for use with Smart Phones.  Below you will find the instructions you will need to sign up for Canvas on your phone to monitor your child’s classes and grades.

    When you have completed the process, you will be able to view the grades of your student in their courses of study, view upcoming assignment due dates, and receive alerts that you can set within the app.  

    Thank you again for supporting your students.  If you have any questions you may email altmaier@newportgriz.com for assistance.

    To Install the Canvas Parent app you will need:

    • A personal email (This may need to be a different email then one set up with the desktop account if you have already signed up as an observer on the desktop version)
    • The school email addresses for your child or children.


    • This has a standard format of graduation year, last name, first name, followed by @newportgriz.com, for example, 2020smithjohn@newportgriz.com


    • The password they use to log on to their school email accounts
    • Access to the online store of your smart phone (App Store, Play Store, etc.)
      • Note: If the app does not show up after searching, it may not be supported by your smart device

    Canvas Parent App

    Begin by accessing the online store of your device, and search for Canvas Parent which should be a blue icon.  When you have found it, then install the app.

    Note: You may notice two other apps, the student app is red and the teacher app is yellow.

    1. Next, navigate to the Canvas Parent app on your phone and click on it to begin.  

    Canvas Parent App Create Account

    Note: If you have already created an account to observe your student on the computer you may use the same login information to sign into the app and skip step 3, otherwise please continue.

    2. On the bottom of the app you will notice a Create Account and Region Picker button.  

           a. Click on Region Picker and select USA.

           b. Navigate to Create Account and fill out the listed information and click Next 

    Canvas Parent App Parent Information

    3. You will be prompted to enter your child’s institution, as you enter Newport School District, look for and select the third option down Newport School District – WA

    Canvas Parent App District Selection

    Note: Do not use the district that it auto populates on the top, it is a different Newport School District, and will not work for finding and observing your student(s)

    4. At the Google Sign on Screen, enter your child’s school google email address; on the following screen enter their school google email password.  

    Canvas Parent App Student Sign on

    5. If you have multiple children in district, select the gear in the upper right hand corner, followed by option in the upper right hand corner, and choose Add Student.

    NOTE: Repeat step 4 and 5 as needed.



      • To view each student, if you have more than one, simply swipe left or right on their picture on the top.
      • To see upcoming assignments, either tap the course or swipe left on the courses or select week on the top of your screen to view all upcoming due dates.
      • To set alerts select the gear in the upper right hand corner and select your student.  This will give you a list of alerts you may set such as a grade above or below a certain percentage, missing assignments, and announcements.
        • To view alerts you have set, you may select alerts or swipe left twice.