• Vision

    The vision created during the Strategic Planning process is to give students and staff access to practical technology to promote lifelong learning whenever they need it on any device.

    One of the objectives is to provide staff with training opportunities that allows them to easily integrate technology into their curriculum and engage students in the use of technology. This year we will be concentrating our efforts on providing opportunities for staff to learn how they can easily use Google Classroom and Google Docs to enrich their curriculum and engage students with tools they have access to 24/7.

    Why Google? Google allows staff and students to access their work and collaborate at any time on PC’s, Mac’s, iPads, iPods, tablets and even phones. 


    Newport School District supports a large variety of technologies within the district that allows students to conduct research, work on papers, create presentations and the list goes on. We have created this section on the districts website to better communicate with students and give you some insights as to why we have certain policies and how they are enforced but most importantly to give you, the student, a platform for bringing things to our attention so we may better serve you.
    One of the top questions we frequently get refers to blocking certain websites.  Federal law requires that we provide a safe Internet experience for all of our users, these rules come from a law referred to as CIPA. In short we are required to filter access to pictures and material that are considered to be (a) obscene; (b) pornography; or (c) harmful to minors. In addition each building has further restrictions that have been requested by the staff in that building to make sure education is provided by the best means possible and sometimes that means blocking certain websites. What can you do? First, look at the column on the right see some of the sites blocked and why they are blocked. Second, when you come across a website that you feel should not be blocked you can click on the submit button and request that the site be opened. If you want us to take the request seriously, then please provide a sound educational reason as to why the site should be open. Sarcastic and inflammatory remarks are generally disregarded and the site will not be reviewed and opened up. If the request has validity to it and we can not open it up we will post in the "Blocked Websites" section on the right. If you continue to feel the site should be opened up, please make a request to your teacher and ask them to send us an email with your request if they are in agreement with it. We generally try to go through all user request each Friday, if you have a more urgent need to have a site opened please have your teacher submit the request to us through a "work order".