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    Written By:

    Adam Moorhead


    It is almost playoff time for our Newport football team.

    With only two games left in league, one against Riverside and the other against Lakeside, the grizzlies are currently standing in 2nd place in league with a 4-1 record, right behind Colville, who is in the driver’s seat with a 6-0 record.

    This week’s interview was conducted with Danny Bradbury, linebacker and running back for the Newport football team. He was asked a series of questions, ranging from personal goals to what he sees as his role on the team.

    To start off he was asked a basic question: “What are your thoughts on the season so far?”

    Danny replied, “I feel like with the lack of numbers and depth we have on our team, it has forced many of the underclassmen to step up and fills some roles on the team. I feel like we have improved week by week.”

    The next question posed was, “What is your favorite part about the team?”

    Danny answered, “I love how we’re all just family. We’re not just teammates, we’re family. And the relationships between all the players just makes it so much more than football.”

    Following that, he was asked, “What is your favorite part about playing in the games?”

    Danny responded, “The competition and the atmosphere of football games is just so incredible… there’s truly nothing else like it.”

    Next he was asked a little tougher question, “What are some of your personal goals for the season?”

    Danny said, “I just want to be the best player I can be everytime I step on the field.”

    To wrap up the interview, he was asked a fairly difficult question for many athletes: “What do you believe your role on the team is?”

    Danny concluded confidently, “I feel like my role is to be a leader on and off the field, to lead by example, and to overall just be a good role model as a human being.”


    The final home game of the regular season will be hosted at the Ellersick Field Friday the 26th.

    It will be senior senior night!

    Just before the game on the Ellersick field, we will honor the senior team members of football and cheerleading.

    This year’s seniors for football include Tug Smith, Johnny Miller, Adam Moorhead, Nick Mackey, Johnny Dimaggio, Danny Bradbury, Jacob Tanner, Gabe Gentle, and Jase Stricker.

    Good news for you fans out there who won’t be able to attend Friday’s game! The game will be broadcasted and live streamed if you log on to Kubsradio.com. So if you can’t make the game, please tune in and watch our Grizzlies take on the Eagles!

    The game starts at 7 PM! Hope to see you there!

    Go Griz!


    Senior Night


    Last Friday, October 26th, football, cheer, and cross-country celebrated their seniors on the Ellersick Field.


    Nine football boys were honored.

    #44: David and Lisa Bradbury, Danny Bradbury’s parents, came onto the field, as well as sister Emma and grandparents Jerry and Tony Bradbury and Scott and Jackie Easton.

    #74: For Gabe Gentle, parents John and Kimberly Gentle, sister Melanie Myers and husband Jeff, brother Dan Gentle were companions.

    #25: Jonathan DiMaggio had his host family of the Gentles accompany him.

    #9: Nick Mackey’s family of Brett and Lisa Mackey (parents), siblings Tanner and Mikaila, and cousins Hoku and Kai surrounded Nick as he walked onto the field.

    #4: Johnny Miller had mom Rhonda Ward and father John Miller, brother Jimmy, sisters Crystal, Trista, Trena, and Truci, as well as his girlfriend Julie Schoener there for him.

    #5: Adam Moorhead’s dad John Moorhead, mom Kathy Gustin and stepdad Steve followed Adam, along with friends Kelsey, Kyle, John, and Momma Draine.

    #3: The Smith clan showed up for Tug, with parents David and Melissa, along with brothers Bear, Otis, and Wyatt.

    #75: Jase Stricker’s parents Jasent and Jeanine were there to support him, along with a couple younger brothers.

    #57: The Tanner crew arrived in full force with parents Forrest and Angela, sisters Erika and Z, and niece Alaina Wiese, and girlfriend Olivia Engbloom in order to support Jacob Tanner.

    Cheerleaders only had one senior this year. Emily Johnson had parents Christina and Troy and sister Abagail support her on the field while grandparents Frank and Carol supported her from the stands.

    The cheerleaders also composed a special cheer for their sole senior.


    Last but not least, cross country recognized four seniors.

    Miranda Campbell came with parents Keith and Cindy and sister Carly.

    Hamilton Hicks-Frazer had parents Craig and Lindsay, along with brothers Angus and Duncan.

    Father Michael Ragsdale and brother Nicholas came to support Matthew Ragsdale.

    Chris Rivard had close friends Steven, Lisa Alkire, and Bryan Self.


    Thank you to all those who came to support our fall sports seniors!

    We hope you can make it to the football game this Friday, November 2, at the Ellersick Field. The game will start at 6 and we will be playing the Okanogan Bulldogs.

    Go Griz!



    Written By:

    Hannah Anderson


    Homecoming week was smashing success!

    Each class had a theme for spirit week. The Seniors had “BBQ The Birds”, Juniors had “Lei Out The Cardinals”, Sophomores had “Cake The Cardinals”, and Freshmen had “Burn The Birds.” Each class decorated their floats and hallways according to their theme. The floats were judged on Friday during the parade, and the Juniors took the win.

    In last week’s exciting events, Manly Man and Powderpuff took place on Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd.

    For Manly Man, each team had to include four people (from the same grade). Every grade was eligible to participate. There were even multiple teams per grade! Outfits worn by the teams ranged from army hats to Hawaiian shirts to other funny gear.

    A senior team, consisting of Tug Smith, Danny Bradbury, Nick Mackey, and Josh Carlson, won the game. The most valuable player of the night was Tug Smith, and the senior class took the gold for class attendance. Double whammy win for the Seniors!

    The following Wednesday, the Powderpuff game took place. The Red team consisted of Seniors and Freshmen, while the Black team was Sophomores and Juniors.  Emmily Bronkhorst made MVP of the night and the Senior and Freshman team won the game 34-0.

    Class attendance was won by the Senior class yet again! The greatest win of the night was definitely the money we raised for Raise for Rowyn’s campaign. We were able to collect $189.27 plus $500 more dollars generously donated by Lauren Bennett, Robin Malsbury, and Holly Malsbury, who won the Great Grizzly and the cash prize.

    Friday afternoon, all grades participated in activities throughout the schools and town, including the parade that made its way through downtown Newport. A lot of people in the community turned out to show their Grizzly Spirit!

    That night night, the homecoming football game against the Medical Lake Cardinals took place at the Ellersick field.  Player #44, Danny Bradbury rushed 271 yards and scored 5 touchdowns thanks to the help of his awesome team. Junior Troy Hill ran 170 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. The Grizzlies took the win with a score of 50-13.

    What an awesome way to wrap up!


    Written By:

    Adam Moorhead


    We are five games into the Newport girls soccer season and they are standing with a record of 1-4. In the previous game against Colville, Newport took a 5-2 loss.

    In an interview with one of the Newport girls soccer players, defender, Evelyn Jurgens, she was asked a variety of questions ranging from thoughts on the season to personal goals.

    The beginning of this interview began with a basic question: “What are your current thoughts on the soccer season so far?”

    Evelyn replied, “So far this season, I feel that we have gotten a lot better at working together and becoming closer as a team.”

    Next she was asked, “What is your favorite part about the team as a whole?”

    Evelyn responded, “My favorite part about the team is that all of the girls get along really well, which, win or lose, makes the season enjoyable.”

    Evelyn most enjoys “scoring and just the overall competition of each and every game.”

    When the interview came to a close, she was asked one last question, one that isn’t always the easiest to answer: “What do you believe that your role on the team is?”

    Evelyn (taking a pause to go into deep thought) soon replied, “I believe that I am still in search of my true role on the team since I am a freshman this year.”

    The next Newport girls soccer game will be held on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at home against the Freeman Scotties. The game will kickoff at approximately 4 pm at Don K. Ellersick field.

    Although the game will not be broadcasted, you can live-stream the game at home, on any internet accessible device, if you log onto kubsradio.com.

    Go Griz!!!

    Breaking Down the Walls

    Written By:

    Hannah Anderson

    Katelynn Dean


    “Don’t be little, be big.” These were some of the first words said at the Breaking Down The Walls (BDTW) event here at Newport High School.

    Stu Cabe, who led BDTW back in 2015 came back again to bring the message to our high school.

    In the three days that Stu was with us, he gave NHS a sense of closeness and helped form many new friendships and bonds between the students.

    The first day he visited, he spoke at an all-school assembly and told us stories about his daughter and other people in his life. The phrases “Butterfly people” and “Don’t be little, be big” were introduced.

    On the second day, half of the student body went into the gym to partake in bonding activities and hear Stu speak again. The other half spent the day watching movies that carried the theme of the event.

    The movies we watched had to do with bullying and how humans are scared of what they don't understand.

    We watched “Wonder”, which is about a boy who had a deformed face. He is starting school for the first time and gets made fun of. By the end of the story, the little boy made a couple of really loyal friends who stuck up for him when others tried to bully him.

    The other movie we watched was called  “Radio.” This movie was about a football team who picked on a boy with a mental disability.

    The coach decided to let the boy be the team manager. He was showing the football players that it is not right to treat people differently just because they are different.

    The takeaway from both movies was to not treat others like they don't matter just because you don't understand what they are going through.

    And the movies were only one part of BDTW.

    Stu’s impact on NHS was remarkable. Student Adam Moorhead said, “Even though I had already went to Breaking Down The Walls in 2015, I’ve gained more life experience since then and it’s really opened my eyes to others around me.”

    Many other students have had the same response, remarking on how impactful Stu and his motivational talks really are and what a change it brought to our school.

    Before Stu left, he reminded us that “people aren’t going to remember what you said. They’re going to remember how you made them feel.”  

    One exercise students participated in was the “line” exercise. Stu would state something like, “Cross the line if you have lost someone close to you in the past year.” Whoever that applied to would physically cross over a line and face the rest of the students.

    The purpose of that ice breaker was to make us more aware of the people around us and the situations they may find themselves in.

    “Learning about the students around you will ultimately help teach everyone how to better support and communicate with each other; this program can help further our school’s growing community towards a community of acceptance and compassion,” says Student Natalie Biggar after she spent a couple days with Stu.

    Emotions were high during the days Stu visited NHS. There were both smiles and tears, but everyone learned something from this experience. Students were able to see they were not alone in the various things they were struggling with.

    Ravyn Nelson, a senior, added, “It’s important to get to know someone before you put labels on them.”

    Breaking Down The Walls helped teach us just that.

    New Year, New Teachers

    Written By:

    Katelynn Dean


    Jeanne Schmidt has been teaching for 33 years. She teaches math and environmental science at Newport, and she also teaches at the Pend Oreille River School.

    She grew up in Grangeville Idaho, and graduated from the University of Idaho.

    She previously taught life skills at Sandpoint High School, and she was on the girls basketball coaching staff.

    Mrs. Schmidt was influenced to become a teacher because of one that had a significant impact on her life. She also loved the school atmosphere and helping kids.

    Jeanne has taught in 3 corners of the United states.


    Cathy Johnson was a teachers-aid for 7 years and has been teaching for 17 years.

    She grew up in Seattle and graduated from Shoreline High School.

    Cathy got her Bachelor's Degree from Western Governors University and she got her Masters Degree from Grand Canyon University.

    She currently teaches special education, health, life skills, and math at Newport High School. She previously taught at Stratton Elementary to first graders, and before that she worked at Farris.

    She was encouraged to become a teacher because she enjoyed working with students and couldn't imagine not working with kids.

    Outside of school, Mrs. Johnson enjoys quilting.


    Rusti Kreider has been teaching for over 15 years.

    She grew up in north Idaho, and graduated from Coeur D’Alene High School, before getting her Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Washington University.

    She teaches biology, geometry, algebra, physics, and math intervention.

    She previously taught chemistry and biology at Riverside high school.

    Teaching just fell into her lap; she originally wanted to become a wildlife biologist.

    Mrs. Kreider is an all-around winter girl, as she loves snowboarding and anything else that involves snow.


    This year is Serena Carlson’s first year teaching.

    She graduated from Eastern Washington University.

    She grew up in Inchelium and graduated from Inchelium High School.

    She always viewed herself as a leader in her community. She teaches “Food and Fitness” and P.E.

    Ms. Carlson says she dislikes coconut so much, sometimes she says she is allergic to it!


    Welcome to all of our new teachers at Newport High School.

    Here Comes Homecoming

    Homecoming approaches!

    October 1st-5th, Grizzlies plan to promote school spirit with dress-up days at school.

    Monday will be “Color” day, where each class has a certain color they are supposed to wear. Seniors will be red, juniors will be purple, sophomores green, and freshmen blue.

    Catch Manly-Man Volleyball in the high school gym at 6:30 that night! There will be an attendance contest, so make sure if you’re an NHS student, you come to support your class!

    Tuesday is going to be “Meme” day. This is returning for its second year at the high school. Students can elect to dress up as their favorite meme.

    Deer Park will be hosting both girls soccer and volleyball this night. Soccer starts at four, and JV/C-Teams start at 5! Catch the varsity volleyball girls at 6:30 right after.

    Wednesday will be “Fred Goes to Hawaii” day. High schoolers can attend school dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, in imitation of history teacher Mr. Frederick.

    Cross-country kids will be running at Riverside; the girls start at 4:30 and the boys run at 5:15. Soon after, the Powder Puff girls play football at the Don Ellersick field. There is another attendance competition hosted this night, so show up and support your class!

    Any time during Powder Puff, donations for “Raise for Rowyn” will be accepted. This is a wonderful organization whose mission is to help provide emotional and financial assistance to families struggling with the loss of a child.

    Following Powder Puff is Thursday: “Squad” day will be where two or more students dress similarly to each other. There may also be a theme to the clothing the group of students wear.

    Soccer will be hosted at Newport on the Ellersick field. We will be playing the Priest River Spartans at 4. This is going to be another attendance contest!

    The Homecoming Bonfire will start at 7:30 in the overflow parking lot that night.

    Finally, Friday is “Red and Black” day, where students wear red, black, or a combination thereof in order to help create a wild, pumped atmosphere for the football game that night against the Medical Lake Cardinals! Join us at the football field that night at 7 to watch the boys play.

    High schoolers aren’t the only ones getting into the spirit though! The middle schoolers will be having an assembly early in the morning (starting at 8:15). An hour later, the elementary kids will be pepping up with a school assembly.

    The homecoming parade starts at one, and the schools will parade through downtown Newport. Come out and support the kids!

    Following what is sure to be an awesome game, the Homecoming dance will start. Show up to turn up!

    Go Griz!

    Breaking Down the Walls (Pre-Event)

    Are you ready to start a change?

    September 10-12, Newport High School is bringing Stu Cabe back for another session of Breaking Down the Walls (BDTW).

    Graciously funded by the Washington Drug Free Youth program, as well as our Maws & Paws group, this three day adventure will unify, empower, and engage each and every student, effectively improving the campus climate.

    Our speaker, Stu Cabe, was here in 2015 for our first BDTW assembly. There, he shared the story of a herd of young elephants and what happened when they didn’t have any good role models. From this, students learned the motto, “Don’t be little, be big.”

    Leadership teacher Rhonda Burnham states, “I love the energy Stu brings, and the energy the staff and students gain… Last time he was here, there was a lasting positive change.”

    Students also seem to appreciate the vibes Stu brings. Melaina Lenzi, Yearbook editor in-chief, describes her experience with BDTW.

    “Breaking Down the Walls allowed students to be vulnerable in space where they usually feel they need to be guarded, which resulted in them being able to learn more about those we are sharing space with. And, from that, we were able to learn more about ourselves. It also magnified the kindness within the building, which is an amazing feat in the world we live in today.”

    On the first day, students will attend first period, then head to an all-school assembly to kick off the session. After that, 40 leaders (20 students from the junior class and 20 from the senior), will attend a four-hour training session in order to help facilitate development in attitudes and understanding of our peers.

    During this time, the rest of the student body will be finishing their normal day (with shortened class periods, of course).

    The next day, half the students will be with Stu. The other half will be watching Wonder, then Radio. They will also have two sessions of advisory.

    Mr. Whittle, organizer extraordinaire of this three-day event, expects this session to positively affect the current generation of Newport students.

    “I feel like we are culturally in a better place than the first time we brought the program in.  I think that it will serve as a "booster shot" for our school to help us get even better at caring about each other and seeing each other as part of our ‘grizzly family.’”

    For more information about this program, visit the BDTW website at: livingforlearning.com/breaking-down-the-walls

    Fall Sports

    Written by:

    Adam Moorhead


    The colors of the leaves changing, the dew on the trampled field grass, and the chilling air: these are all the signs that fall sports for the 2018-2019 school year at Newport High School have officially kicked off.

    Coach Pomante, the football team coach, was asked, “What are your thoughts on this year’s football team? How well do you think the team will do?”

    Pomante replied, “We are limited with players and we lost some key athletes last year, but we still have some good talent. If we can maximize our potential and face and overcome adversity throughout the season without allowing any distractions to interrupt what goals we have set, we have the potential to have another great season and be in the same position as we were last year and contend for a state championship.”

    This season, many students are associated with a variety of sports, including football, volleyball, girls soccer, cross-country, and cheerleading. But just how many students are participating this year?

    For cheerleading, there’s a total of 14 girls. Girls soccer has 17 athletes, cross-country has 18, and volleyball has 28. Football has the most student-athletes participating with a whopping total of 36!

    Tallying up all of the students competing in fall sports this year, there is a total of 113 students. There are is a total of 384 students at Newport High School, which means that almost 30 percent of the current student body is involved with fall sports.

    How can you watch or listen to the games if you can’t physically be there to cheer on the team that’s playing that night? Well there’s good news: there is easy-access to live-streaming or you can listen to the games, as they are broadcasted on the radio and on the internet.

    Unfortunately, even though girls soccer and volleyball is not broadcasted over the radio, almost all of the home games will be live- streamed on the Kubs FMfm website at kubsradio.com.

    All coverages of the varsity football games will be both broadcasted on the radio and live- streamed. To listen to the broadcast, tune in 91.5 Kubs FM, and to live-stream the game, go to kubsradio.com.

    We look forward to seeing you at as many fall athletic events as possible this year!

    Go Griz!

    Money Money Money

    As school starts up again, so do the clubs… and the fees.

    Remember to get your ASB and sports fees paid so you can actively participate!

    Below is a list of clubs and their fees for the 2018-2019 year.


    Extra Curricular:

    ASB card $30 (All sports/activities must purchase)

    Activity/Athletics $20 (per sport)

    FFA $10

    HOSA $20

    Skills USA $16

    Robotics $20

    National Honor Society $15 due first 10 days of school, after $20


    Course Fees (per semester):

    Art Courses $15

    *Fire Science $15

    Auto CAD/Fabrications $20

    *Auto Tech $15

    College in the high school TBA (pending Washington State grant approval amount)

    Construction $20

    Horticulture $10

    Shop Glasses $7

    Shop Gloves $8

    Shop Jacket $25

    *Robotics $15

    *Welding $20

    Food & Fitness $15

    Yearbook (pre Nov. 30) $35

    Yearbook (after Nov. 30) $40


    *If students choose to compete in one or more of these courses, they will be required to pay the Skills USA and ASB fees.


    Thank you for your participation in our amazing school programs!


    Back to School

    School is back in session!

    With a pep assembly first thing in the morning, Newport High School kicked off their 2018-2019 school year with a blast!

    Teachers were introduced and said a few words about themselves, a few school rules were quickly reviewed, and students were welcomed back with a whole bunch of smiles.

    This year, Newport has started the trimester system, which allows students to earn 7.5 credits each year. The previous system allowed for 6 credits per year.

    This bump helps students achieve the new statewide demand that students must earn 24 credits before graduation. That rule went into effect for the class of 2019 and any students graduating thereafter.

    Instead of having six classes at fifty minutes each, this year there are five classes at just over an hour each. This did reduce student lunch time from 45 minutes to 30, but the awesome electives the school is offering this year helped make up for it.

    For example, French and German are being offered in addition to the traditional Spanish. Additionally, Mrs. Hauser is teaching Drama.

    Other new elective classes include sports broadcasting, business and management, and fitness for life.