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    Breaking Down the Walls (Pre-Event)


    Are you ready to start a change?

    September 10-12, Newport High School is bringing Stu Cabe back for another session of Breaking Down the Walls (BDTW).

    Graciously funded by the Washington Drug Free Youth program, as well as our Maws & Paws group, this three day adventure will unify, empower, and engage each and every student, effectively improving the campus climate.

    Our speaker, Stu Cabe, was here in 2015 for our first BDTW assembly. There, he shared the story of a herd of young elephants and what happened when they didn’t have any good role models. From this, students learned the motto, “Don’t be little, be big.”

    Leadership teacher Rhonda Burnham states, “I love the energy Stu brings, and the energy the staff and students gain… Last time he was here, there was a lasting positive change.”

    Students also seem to appreciate the vibes Stu brings. Melaina Lenzi, Yearbook editor in-chief, describes her experience with BDTW.

    “Breaking Down the Walls allowed students to be vulnerable in space where they usually feel they need to be guarded, which resulted in them being able to learn more about those we are sharing space with. And, from that, we were able to learn more about ourselves. It also magnified the kindness within the building, which is an amazing feat in the world we live in today.”

    On the first day, students will attend first period, then head to an all-school assembly to kick off the session. After that, 40 leaders (20 students from the junior class and 20 from the senior), will attend a four-hour training session in order to help facilitate development in attitudes and understanding of our peers.

    During this time, the rest of the student body will be finishing their normal day (with the exception of shortened class periods, of course).

    The next day, half the students will be with Stu. The other half will be watching Wonder, then Radio. The "off-day" students will also have two sessions of advisory.

    Mr. Whittle, organizer extraordinaire of this three-day event, expects this session to positively affect the current generation of Newport students.

    “I feel like we are culturally in a better place than the first time we brought the program in.  I think that it will serve as a "booster shot" for our school to help us get even better at caring about each other and seeing each other as part of our ‘grizzly family.’”

    For more information about this program, visit the BDTW website at: livingforlearning.com/breaking-down-the-walls