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    General Updates

         May 29th was jam-packed full of action.

        Grizzlies started their day off by welcoming in next year’s freshman class, the class of 2022. They ate breakfast before going to play a couple games, including two truths and a lie.

        Then, upperclassmen gave the new freshmen a tour of the school.

        Nearing the end of the middle schooler’s time here, they were set loose in the multipurpose room to explore the displays for classes. These displays included learning activities, free candy, and Newport Griz water bottles.

        The day moved into the gym, around 11 for the Great Grizzly Grab! Many great items were given away, including a few $25 gift cards (to various places), a laptop, and a car!

        For the rest of the day, Grizzlies signed yearbooks and said goodbye to the seniors, class of 2018.